Classified ads in Africa is booming. New players are entering the market every day. Listings360 Africa is a growing classified ad in Africa, operating in countries like Egypt, Senegal, Kenya, Cameroon, Uganda, and Tanzania to name a few. In all those countries, sellers are proposing a larger variety of used items for sale

Buying second-hand items are considered the best way to save a substantial among of money if done right. Not every item can be purchased used. For example, it’s smart to purchase new toothbrushes, new mattresses, new baby items, new underwear, and panties, for security and safety reasons.

Here is our list of 10 items that are worth it to buy used—and more importantly how to do it right.

1.   Industrial Equipment for sale

Equipment like Agriculture & Forestry Equipment, Construction Equipment, Restaurant & Catering Equipment, Printing & Graphic Arts Equipment, Manufacturing & Metalworking Equipment can be found online from companies closing shop and looking for the next big opportunities. There is a very good chance to find a piece of good equipment for a fraction of the cost. In Africa, browse Buy and sell sites like OLX, Jiji, Jumia, and Listings360. Before you buy, always look at the seller ratings, take time to discuss the item you are interested in with the seller and don’t hesitate to request additional photos. If any parts need to be replaced, make the offer that factor in parts to be changed before pulling the trigger.

2.   Fitness equipment

Someone failed New year resolution can be your gain. Instead of investing a large amount of money for brand new fitness equipment, considerer looking around used items at a very affordable price. Before you buy, test the equipment and check carefully for damage or missing parts.

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3.   Books

If you’re an avid reader on a budget, it might be time to redirect your hard-earned money to your local used bookstore. Popular classics and last year’s bestsellers can usually be had for half-off the cover price, if not less. For instance, on Listings360 Kenya, you can buy thousands of books for as little as a penny, plus shipping. Library sales and thrift stores are other good sources of used books, and the money you spend usually goes to a good cause.

4.   Furniture

When it comes to furniture, buyers have changes of heart all the time. Sometimes due to relocation, the family are forced to sell all furniture before moving to a new location. Second-hand furniture is a growing business in Africa. You can buy various pieces of furniture in relatively good condition. Check out Listings360, Jiji, Jumia, Olist, Coinafrique, Olx, JunkMail, Afrimalin and Afribaba for slightly damaged items.

5.   Cars

Cars depreciate quickly in the first year – losing on average 20% of its value the first year. That’s bad news for original owners—and great news for the rest of us. This is why buying a used car definitely makes more sense than buying new. You won’t get that new car smell, but if you are more concerned with functionality usability and affordability there are plenty of safe and affordable used cars out there.